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Solar Way wholesale, distribution and extensive Dealer across EU.

Introduction of company

“SOLAR WAY” is a subsidiary company owned by of “Dasma” established in Lithuania in 1992 and specialize on wholesale trade black fuel oil product, hydroelectric and solar power activity.

“SOLAR WAY” is dedicated to the development of solar farms and supplies wholesale solar panels and inverters. Our mission is to provide qualified solar energy systems at the most competitive price to enable our customers a renewable energy source throughout the country. We only import certified and quality products. Our company has strict guidelines when choosing suppliers. Our employees will visit manufacturers who want to be our suppliers and will make a factory audit for each potential supplier. This will reduce the quality problem to a minimum. Our team and our strategic partners are currently in the process of developing some solar farms in Poland and Ukraine.We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness with our suppliers, sub-contractors, professional associates and customers.

When solar first emerged as an energy source in the market, distributors were only big warehouses that served as the middle-man between the buyer and the manufacturer who handled the job-by-job logistics. Today, distributors have expanded their roles to much more, providing guidance, business support and design services. We’re actively seeking to partner with those firms who value efficient execution and capital structure for credit-worthy commercial, industrial and municipal clients.